Conflicted About Having Meat ?

Are you one of those, who likes to eat nonveg day in day out without having to think about the occasion, the set up, the day, et cetera et cetera? Do you want the change while still delightfully indulging in food? Do you want to contribute to the global climate condition at your own pace - one step at a time? We are sure you are, and that’s why you are here reading this right now.

For centuries, Food had been a source of a lot many things like bringing community together, being the identity of a culture, a source of unexplainable happiness, a way of showing love to dear ones and most importantly impacting lives of many who are either growing it or rearing it. While we love our food, our sentiments attached to it, the pleasure we get out of it; we simply can not turn a blind eye towards climate change, it’s happening right now...

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to contribute by inculcating healthy eating habits... 1 meal a day. The pandemic was a wake up call for all of us see & realise the threat and the repercussion of consuming meat from animal sources. While you want to make sustainable changes and are looking for delicious options for the discerning meat lover in you, We present you just dig in! That is just right for all things meat minus the killing.

You no more need a bloodbath to enjoy the favourite taste you have developed over the years, neither you have to compromise on the delectable taste profile. We are here to make this transition an interesting affair to remember.

We understand that consuming meat is a personal choice but eating meat has a detrimental impact on not only you but also on the well-being of our planet. So why not join hands to revolutionise the space where meat eating is not denounced but the idea of harming animals or the planet is.