Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have landed at the right spot. You can buy the goodies from our product section. We are currently selling through all Modern Bazaar outlets across Delhi NCR both offline & online. We are available on Swiggy & Zomato as well & are constantly working on expanding our reach to your nearest locality. We hope to meet you soon at the leading retails of your favourite city too!
Our products are super easy & hassle free to make. You just need few minutes to make it ready. We strongly recommend not to thaw the products. It has to be cooked from freezer to fryer. All our products have cooking instruction written at the back of the pack. You just need to follow it to have lip smacking experience and if your innovative soul is craving for something hatke, you can always check out our “Recipe” section for some fun-filled experience or create something wonderful which you wish to share with us or others.
Plant-based diets in comparison to diets rich in animal products are more sustainable because they use many fewer natural resources and are less taxing on the environment. Implementing these dietary adaptations is perhaps one of the most rational and moral paths for a sustainable future of the human race and other living creatures of the biosphere that we share. Even apart from environment, Just Dig In! does not use palm oil in 75% of its products, making it extremely healthy for consumption.
We use only the choicest of ingredients while making our products. If you are the curious one, then please refer to the product section for details. But if we were you, we would buy the product, try them & get amazed while reading the list.
In our current line up of products We use soy & gluten to make products which are as close as possible to the real meat, one of our products also has processed cow cheese (chilli cheese nuggets). Our team back in the R&D are working really hard to ensure that we try to keep our allergens as less as possible to almost not have any in our products as early as possible. To be able to make it accessible to all.
When we try to mimic meat & its elements, Fat is an essential element which has to be mimicked right in doing so we opt for plant based alternatives which are sustainable. Hence coconut oil or sunflower oil makes the perfect alternative and delivers desired result in making our products as close as possible to the actual meat minus the nasties.
As a conscious brand we try to keep things clean & sustainable in our sourcing of high quality raw material, roughly 75% of our products are Palm oil free, the rest 25% would be eliminated as we scale and become 100% palm oil free brand in near future.
We are currently delivering to customers at Delhi NCR. One can find our products at Modern Bazaar both at their stores and their online shopping portals as well as on Swiggy and Zomato. We hope to be available on other platforms soon. Follow us on Insta/FB for the latest updates.
In our current line up of products, only Chilli Cheese Nuggets is not 100% vegan as we have processed cow cheese in it, we are working on an alternative to have plant based cheese as soon as possible. Rest all of our products are Vegan, we are working on adding much more variants for you so that you can enjoy snacking like no other.
We have the best of ingredients that make your snacking experience unforgettable. Except for our chilli cheese Nuggets, which has very little cholesterol due to the use of processed cow cheese. What we serve your lips never reaches down your hips. Needless to say, cholesterol is not invited to this party!
Non-GMO is a not happening member in the group so we sent it on a never ending break. The only modification we do is making delectable snacks out of plant protein & we are passionate about it.
Our products can be stored in the freezer for up to 09 months. But again, you must write to us if you succeed in resisting them in your fridge for more than a week.
A lot of Research goes into making such delicious snacks that you can enjoy with convenience at your home with your kind of people without having to dress up for it
Our products are free from GMO, preservatives, Cholesterol & any other baddies.
Plant-based meat is a term used to describe foods that mimic the chewy texture, taste, functionalities and appearance of real meat but are made from plants.
Of course not, else it would have been just meat! The best thing about PBM is that they replicate the taste, texture, functionalities & mouthfeel of meat but are not sourced from animals but plants. They are cruelty free & are a good source of protein than their animal counterparts.
Plant-based meat source of clean protein that is free from antibiotics & hormones, typically lower in calories, carbs and saturated fat, that helps lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease, reduce cholesterol and prevent type-2 diabetes. And the best part is it isn’t just healthier, it’s tastier as well!
It’s absolutely possible to get a full serving of protein from plant-based meat. The main advantage of eating plant-based meats is that it’s easier to get concentrated protein in a smaller volume. Ingredients like Soy, mung beans, pea protein, lentils contains all the essential amino acids the body needs, and its further processed to give us the desired output so that you don’t miss out on those protein intake while you sign up for a cruelty free world.
Plant protein is advantageous for the environment in countless ways. It keeps the human induced green- house gas emission under check and eradicates the factor of animal waste treatment. Apart from that when animal meat is used, the chance of livestock diseases being transferred to human beings also increases. And needless to say, the level of animal cruelty comes down too.
Our products are source of clean protein, which means the protein content found in our products is devoid of any antibiotics or hormones commonly fed to cattle & poultry. We serve you the protein, close to that of chicken without the baddies.
Yes, it is. Best results are achieved when kept in -18degree C. Home freezers are equally effective storage places. But the best part is when you crave for the lip smacking goodies you don’t have to wait for them to have it ready. Its freezer to Frayer and does not need thawing.
Best practice is to store them in your home fridge, freezer section.
We are sure you won’t have to opt for that option as you can’t resist having just a portion of it. Still if you want to save it for the weekend party starter then you can just reseal it and put it back to the freezer.